VirtualCheckup FAQs

Why should I participate?

Everyone needs an annual preventive checkup, and most say this is the most convenient, safest and empowering way to get one. You will learn accurate, actionable information about yourself. A certified Nurse Practitioner will answer your health questions and review your results with you. You will also receive a Personal Action Plan that will help you reduce your health risks and improve your quality of life. Instead of asking “why get a checkup,” you might ask yourself the question, “why not?”

What will my VirtualCheckup™ include?

First, you’ll receive accurate testing results for total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and hemoglobin A1c (blood sugar). You’ll check and record your blood pressure using the included monitor. You’ll complete a personal health history and discuss your health risks with Catapult’s Nurse Practitioner via video. We’ll review your current medications, and you’ll receive a detailed Personal Health Report immediately after your checkup. We’ll even send your results to your iPhone in addition to loading them in your secure patient portal.

What comes in my Home Kit?

A wrist blood pressure monitor, measuring tape, our next-generation blood collection device (only requires four drops obtained with a simple finger stick), other supplies you’ll need, friendly user instructions, and a pre-paid return envelope. Our detailed instructions with a comprehensive list of supplies can be found HERE.

How long will it take?

When you receive your home kit, everything inside should take 10 minutes to complete. When your testing results are ready, you’ll spend another 10 minutes with a Nurse Practitioner via video. When is the last time you had a medical encounter that took under 30 minutes?

How does the virtual consultation work?

At a convenient time selected by you, we’ll send you an email and a text message with a link into our secure online system. You won’t need to download any special software, just click on the link provided and our secure system will open in your browser. After answering a few questions about your medical history, our Nurse Practitioner will appear on your device (phone, tablet or laptop) and you’ll spend the next 10 minutes discussing your test results and creating your Personal Action Plan.

I already have a doctor – what should I do?

Sign up and participate! This VirtualCheckup will enhance, not replace, the care you receive from your primary care provider. We’ll even send your doctor your test results at no charge. Your doctor will appreciate you taking the time to get your recommended preventive care.

Are there any hidden or out-of-pocket costs?

None. Your checkup is covered 100% by your employer with no deductible and no co-pay.

How will my checkup results be delivered?

Your Catapult Nurse Practitioner will review your results with you. Afterwards, you will have access to your results and your Personal Action Plan 24/7 in your secure patient portal. If you have an iPhone, we’ll even deliver your results to your Apple wallet. You can also download your results and save them as a PDF file.

Who will have access to my results?

Only you and your Catapult Health Nurse Practitioner will have access to your individual results.

How is my privacy protected?

Catapult respects each person’s right to privacy and complies with all State and Federal requirements. Your individual results will be stored within the secure Catapult Health System, which has earned the highly respected HITRUST CSF Certification.